Delbi 1

This Estlat programme project was first in-kind what was made especially for the needs of SME´s in cross-border area.

Delbi’s slogan, 2 countries 1 mission, was created to support both countries’ economic and entrepreneurial targets in SME development. The LatEst logo was created as virtual demo-centre for companies, serving as a showcase and database for companies working in the cross-border areas. 

 The following websites were established: and

Social networks such as Twitter were used to tweet the news and events for followers. 

The one-stop virtual contact point served over 600 different consultations, which were given during the events, via e-mail requests, or over the phone. Estonian and Latvian companies used the opportunity to learn more and become aware of changes in both countries’ economic, business management, financial, or related fields.

The start of the project was in January 2012 and it ended March 2014.  

Project partners were: Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonian Business Chamber in Latvia,Tartu City Government and Valga Town Government.