Jaan Kers has PhD degree from 2006. He worked in industry 6 years as product development engineer and after that he continued his career as senior researcher (2006) and professor of wood technology (2012). His research filed is development of wood polymer composites (WPC, Plywood, CLT), using low quality and wood resources in wood polymer composites production. In Taltech wood technology lab is the unique veneer and plywood laboratory scale production line. He is leading the research project (2018-2021) “Maximising added value and efficient use of raw materials in bioeconomy and its sectors in Estonia”.

Jaan Kers: " The global forest products markets has undergone a drastic change in the 21st century. But are we taking full advantage of the resources available to us? 

What are future perspectives and possibilities of the forest and woodworking sector in Estonia and Latvia? In both countries the energy use of wood residues and mechanical woodworking technology for production diferent products from sawn timber to engineered products and timber frame constructions is on world class level. In chemical pulp, wood fibre products and biochemicals production we do need rapid development. Why and how can wood fractionation based technologies be alternative for Estonian and Latvian forest industry?"

Sven Mats has been leading Estonian oldest timber frame element and modular house producer AS MATEK since 2004. Matek has delivered more than 7000 buildings across the Europe from summer cottages until hospitals and high rise buildings. Sven has been Chairman of the board of Estonian Woodhouse Association and is member of the board on Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Before the forum Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted conversation series about forestry industry with Latvian specialists. On the air were Uldis Biķis, Mārtiņš Zvejnieks un Arvīds Ozols, the moderator was Mr. Jānis Endziņš. 
1 part of the discussion
2 part of the discussion
The talk show is in latvian.