Delbi2 is due to end this year - 2020!

Impact of our activities, new ventures and made relationships will have no time limit! They will continue to grow and live their life in future projects.  

Team of Happy people!

During the project period time, we have asked the companies, participating in our events, to share their feedback and opinion about the potential contacts they have made. Creating the working collaboration is long process. First, it takes a lot of time to build the trust between the partners, it takes a lot of motivation, to be able to share and communicate ideas with your business partner and it takes a lot of patience, to do sometimes routine work on and on and on.

Events that we create, had aim is to give entrepreneurs the umbrella under where to seek potential ideas and partners, that could help them to create new products and services.

Already since the last decade we know that corporate business model is partly changed, due to the flexible and more liberate micro climate of the small and medium companies. They drive the success of making not only profitable business, but also environmentally sustainable business, that focus on the relations between the people, communities and within the societies. We see and screen this contradiction everyday –  people wish to be free making decisions, but the same time, they seek advice and opportunity to build network(´s) that support their social and business relationships. Impact of generational change and new business model in SME´s environment cannot longer be avoided. Here we are happy to share with some of the success stories of our project Delbi2 – project events that brought people together, to create something valuable for themselves, to their immediate environment and to larger community.

Success stories!

Decision which trade fair or expo to participate is always difficult. Entrepreneurs scale the events and their costs, size of the budget, how much to allocate for the marketing and communication activities. Usually couple of phone calls are made, to people who have been similar type of events. “Is it worth to go there, shall I find the potential partners?” – is the question that almost every one is asking.

Tartu Maamess is the biggest event in Southern-Estonia, to bring people from agriculture, forestry business and agro-tourism together. Since the very beginning it is also one of the most visited event in the area – reaching up to 35 000 visitors per one weekend in Tartu.

Delbi2 have offered 6 Latvian companies opportunity to show their products in 2018 and 2019. Two of them

“Ilgezeem SIA” and “SIA Skriveru Saldumi”

found partners and formed cooperation to diversificate to Estonian market.

After visiting Tartu and also at the exhibition, we had several orders from individuals who learned about our product at the Tartu exhibition. This exhibition also indirectly allowed us to show our product to wooden frame house manufacturers in Estonia. This year too, there have been orders related to Estonia coming from Tartu. This opportunity was very valuable in every way.” said Davis Volksons from

SIA Damson and Sawmill “Toftan AS”

is situated in the Southern-Estonia and have been very active to utilize all project offered opportunities to seek new partner and communicate with industry people in events. Theiy also gave valuable feedback by participating in our demo video “Best cooperation between the partners. Wood industry”.

Delbi2 would like to give credit and acknowledge all the companies that during the project period time participated in our various events. We have recognized how important social person to person interaction, sharing the comments and feedback face to face out of the office´s and meet new people!

Project total budget:  447 547,19 EUR
Financed by the European Regional Development Fund: 380 415.10 EUR, 

Co-financed by the partners: 67 131.90 EUR